It’s hard to imagine a TV spot without music.

Or a jingle done totally a cappella. But we do grasp a melody, a beat, a turn of a phrase underscored by 3 mesmerizing notes. In fact, Eddy Nelson grew up with a dad who was a big band drummer…who passed his sticks along to Eddy…who hasn’t missed a drumbeat yet. Eddy along with his musical partner, Jeff Victor, provide clients with original music and sound design for broadcast or non-broadcast projects. Jeff is an accomplished keyboard player, lyricist, and composer who brings years of experience to the studio. Jeff’s music has been used in national broadcast spots for Target, McDonalds, Minnesota Timberwolves, and more. Shucks, we don’t want to say it, but just can’t help it; Eddy and Jeff make beautiful music together.

mixing_board drums in studio yamaha-grand-piano2